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Samples & Prices

Please note that prices are approximate and may change based on the complexity of the emote!


Higher resolutions will be obtained by simply resizing the final 28×28 emote. This results in a pixelated appearance on devices with a higher DPI, such as on mobile phones.

Samples (click to see the portfolio entry):

gasmshaded gasmshaded-2x gasmshaded-4x

crate crate-2x crate-4x


Higher resolutions will be manually optimized for a smoother appearance on devices with a high DPI such as mobile phones.
PLEASE NOTE: This is only recommended for partnered broadcasters or broadcasters who plan to use these same emotes when they achieve partnership.


ouch ouch-2x ouch-4x

jammydodger jammydodger-2x jammydodger-4x

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Before ordering, please be sure to read the information on the main Commissions page!

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  • On completion of the emotes, I will send you the emotes at 28×28, 56×56, and 112×112 resolutions.
  • These commissions are for Twitch emoticons. If you are interested in general, non-commercial art, please see my General Commissions page. If you are interested in commercial art, such as game assets, please contact me via my Contact page.





I have worked with Kamirose on a couple projects and each time was an absolute pleasure. Not only is she very talented with the artwork that she does but she is does it in a timely professional manner. She will also work with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Stop reading this and hire her now!

andrewarcade avatar



Kamirose is an incredible pixel artist who puts so much thought and care into her work. Collaborating with her was extremely pleasant and the final result of my commission was exactly what I had envisioned! I would definitely recommend her for all your pixel art needs.

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