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My History

I first ventured into the realm of pixel art when I was around 14 years old. I was surfing the internet and discovered “pixel dolls” – an art form where someone makes a pixel “base” (usually, a human body) and another person utilizes the base to create the clothes, hair, etc, of the piece. It is an interesting and unique art form in that it is inherently collaborative. Very few dollers make bases only for themselves, and most use bases by other people quite liberally in their journey – and many dollers never make a base at all!

I exclusively made pixel dolls for much of my time as an artist. I feel that specializing for so long has helped to strengthen my fundamentals as a pixel artist – I can easily adapt my style to suit elements around it (learned from changing the style of pixel dolls to suit the base), and I feel that I excel at some subjects that many artists find challenging (hair, especially).

As a result of the amount of time spend making pixel dolls, my venture into “pure” pixel art (everything created from scratch for each piece) went surprisingly smoothly. It was around the time of the transition that I really, fully fell in love with pixel art. I started to create pieces with the intent of improving – each piece was an experiment, a study. I saw very rapid and sudden improvement in my pieces.  This is the stage I am in currently, and I will never stop finding aspects of my works that need improvement. That is the fun of art, though. If you were perfect, you wouldn’t have anything to aim for!

Art Process







Fun Facts

American living in Japan

Streamer on Twitch.tv

Self-Taught Artist

Plays Alto Saxophone




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