VersusTheStream Emotes

heart-v2-grey lewd peace rekt thump
heart-v2-grey-2x lewd-2x peace-2x rekt-2x thump-2x
heart-v2-grey-4x lewd-4x peace-4x rekt-4x thump-4x

VersusTheStream was one of my first commissioners that I wasn’t already acquainted with beforehand. I had a lot of fun working on his emotes, as they were all unique characters and designs, from many different games across different genres.

The heart is styled after a ghost from Destiny; the blushing emote is Noctis from Final Fantasy VX; the peace emote is Dante from Devil May Cry; the bloody emote is a male villager from Animal Crossing; and the crying emote is Link from Legend of Zelda: Windwaker.

I also redid his existing Onix emote, but didn’t include it in the preview because it was just a traceover of an already existing emote, done to make it more readable.