RomComm Emotes

salt1 lurk-2 emote1-9
salt1-2 lurk-2x emote1-2x
salt1-3 lurk-4x emote1-4x


These were the first Twitch emotes I ever made, and they were a lot of fun! RomComm asked for three separate emotes: One that was a redone version of one of his older emotes (him wearing a viking hat with one horn in the center of his forehead), one that was him with Solid Snake’s headband disappearing into a burst of smoke, and one with him in a suit with the devil horns hand sign with his thumb out.

It took quite a bit of back and forth between him and me in TeamSpeak to arrive at these emotes, since I was inexperienced with creating pixel art this small and hadn’t yet learned some tricks that make them go by faster now. It really helped me get my foot in the door, and I’m grateful for that!