NommyNomm Partner Emotes

love woodech vault boy solaire pikachu papyrus naoto lol
love-2x woodech-2x vault boy-2x solaire-2x pikachu-2x papyrus-2x naoto-2x lol-2x
love-4x woodech-4x vault boy-4x solaire-4x pikachu-4x papyrus-4x naoto-4x lol-4x

A while back I made NommyNomm a set of BTTV emotes. Well, suddenly, he got partnered! He didn’t want to suddenly make the BTTV emotes sub only, so he commissioned a whole new set of emotes, this time mostly of video game characters he likes in the typical emote poses. Originally it was 7 emotes of mine and one he did himself for Halloween, but once Halloween was over he commissioned one more (the last one being the Papyrus emote from Undertale).