GamingYordles Emotes

thumbsupshaded swagshaded ripshaded loveshaded kappa2 giveshaded gasmshaded
thumbsupshaded-2x swagshaded-2x ripshaded-2x loveshaded-2x kappa2-2x giveshaded-2x gasmshaded-2x
thumbsupshaded-4x swagshaded-4x ripshaded-4x loveshaded-4x kappa2-4x giveshaded-4x gasmshaded-4x

GamingYordles (who has since moved from Twitch to Hitbox) contacted me asking for a set of emotes based on the character Lulu from League of Legends. He sent me specific references for all of the emotes, which made them very easy to create. The only one that was hard to determine was the MLG hat one, but he approved my first draft of that with no problem, despite me being unsure.

The challenge with these emotes was that because her hat was so large, it made her face very small, so her expressions were more difficult to communicate clearly. Given the size restriction, though, I’m proud of how these turned out! I’m also proud of the use of color and shading.