Abraham_Linksys Emotes

boopy7 boopy6 cooked-v1
boopy7-2x boopy6-2x cooked-v1-2
boopy7-4x boopy6-4x cooked-v1-4

Abraham_Linksys commissioned me for two emotes originally: the heart emotes for him and his girlfriend. The idea was for them to be giving hearts to each other. The inspiration for the style was doodles they draw for each other, where the characters look like these.

It took many concept sketches to settle on this style. The main challenge was in doing the female emote – it was originally intended for her to wear glasses, but after trying several different styles we concluded that it wasn’t a good design choice for the small resolution and we scrapped it.

A few weeks later, he asked me to redo his “cooked” emote as well. Making that one made me very hungry for bacon and eggs!